On 2nd Jan 2019, a free dental camp was organized by International College of Dentist Section VI in association with Kothiwal Dental College and Research Centre at village kajipura, Moradabad. This camp was organized in order to increase dental awareness and provide treatment facilities to the needy population in the area. Around 213 students and locals were examined in the camp. Apart from diagnosis, “Atraumatic restorative treatment” was also provided to the 45 school children, the students were made aware about dental health and hygiene by the team of experts and doctors. Those children who needed specialized dental treatment were referred to the college. They provided free dental kits and medicines during the camp. Many children’s were suffering from dental caries, and oral hygiene was very poor. Camp was supported by Vice president ICD and Principal of Kothiwal Dental College and Research Centre Dr. Swatantra Agarwal and fellow ICD and Head of the Department of Pedodontics Dr.Seema Chowdhary, Head of the Department of Public Health Dentistry, Dr.Ravishankar T.L, Professor, Department of Public Health Dentistry Dr.AmitTirth with post graduate students of Department of Public Health Dentistry. Dr Swatantra Agarwal said that the modern eating habits are one of the biggest reasons for dental problems. “If we regularly visit our dentist and follow good eating habits we can avoid oral problems. But in modern hectic life we are least bothered about our oral care and that contributes to our oral problems”, He also explained in detail the procedure and techniques of oral care. He briefed the gathering about techniques of brushing. He also gave tips for keeping the teeth and gums in good shape. He said that most of the dental diseases can be prevented by simple practice of brushing twice daily with a soft bristle brush. The basic aim of brushing should be to remove a thin bio film known as plaque.