These Appreciation Awards are In Recognition & Appreciation of their contribution to ICD section VI – 2017

Dr. S.L. Bali Memorial Award

Dr. Binod Acharya

Dr. Arun Setia Award

Dr. Swatantra Agarwal

Dr. J.C. Chandna Award

Dr. Anshu Sahu

Dr. Asha Samant Award

Dr. V.S. Kohli

Dr. Rekha C. Gehani Award

Dr. B. Nandlal

Dr. H. D. Merchant Memorial Award

Dr. Santosh Ravindran

Dr. Ratan H. Doctor Memorial Award

Dr. Saurabh Purbay

Dr. D.N. Kapoor Award for the best Community Dentistry project taken up by the institution for the year : A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore.

Sh. Prabhu Diyal- Jamna Devi Memorial Award for Appreciation of Community Services: Free Check up /NGO/Free Oral Health Education Camps & Treatments including Cancer Detection: Seema Dental College & Hospital, Rishikesh.

Dr. Kedar N. Rustagi Award: For the best contribution in promoting good oral health in the public and providing dental treatment to the rural & underprivileged people in the society:Subharti Dental College & Hospital, Meerut.